Land rate for industry to be cheaper

TNN | Jan 30, 2020, 4:33 ISTJaipur: The state government has revised the land rate for industry and made cheaper. The rate of land for setting up industry would now be calculated based on rate of agriculture land of a particular area instead of residential land. To promote clean energy, it has decided to provide land at concessional rate to set up solar, wind and hybrid power projects. The government said the land for such power plants would only double of the price of agriculture land while that of other industries, it would be thrice the price of agriculture land. Chief minister Ashok Gehlot has given approval to the proposal to this effect by the finance department. The state government last year reviewing the land rate had made the land rate for industry according to rate of residential land. Because of this decision the land rate for industry had gone up drastically. Besides, stamp duty and registration cost had also gone up. This had acted as a dampener for the industry, according to the finance department. The government had received representations from organizations and individuals over impractical land rate for industry. The stamp and registration department had asked for a review of the land rates for industry made last year. more from times of india cities

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