Hyderabad: China returnees advised remaining indoors

Hyderabad: People who have returned to city from China have been advised by the Health officials to stay put in their homes and do not venture out in public spaces for at least two to three weeks in wake of the coronavirus threat.According to doctors, the incubation period for the virus is nearly one month and hence the advice was given. Already ten persons with recent travel history to China approached the Government Fever Hospital in a span of one week. Five of them were admitted as a precautionary measure and samples of two persons, who were unwell with fever, cold, stuffy nose were sent to NIV, Pune and they came out negative. All of them have been discharged ever since. Dr. K Shankar, Superintendent, Fever Hospital stated that the discharged persons with travel history to China were advised to confine to home for some more days and observe their health condition everyday and update authorities if they feel unwell. ” As part of observation procedure, ISDP teams have been visiting residences of persons who approached the Health authorities about their China travel history and their health condition. Post this information passage, the health condition of concerned family members is being noted in morning and evening every day to check for any related symptoms to nCoV,” he said. As the incubation period is longer, it is advisable to the recently China returned passengers not to come out in public spaces, unless most urgent, as it puts scores of others at risk of getting infected. Dr. Ramanaprasad, a senior pulmonologist from city, stated that nCoV symptoms might not come out immediately after infected and it might take longer time for persons with good immunity levels in the body. ” While some of them might be impacted early and thermal screenings at airports might detect their changed health condition, others would look very normal for some days after return. However, if they are infected symptoms slowly start to be noticed and this might take a few more days extra after their return,” he said.

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