Foolproof probe must for conviction: CP

Bhushankumar Upadhye, Commissioner of Police during a talk on ‘Reposing faith in police machinery’ at Bar Room…Read MoreNagpur: It is important for an investigating officer not to leave loose ends while collecting evidence in criminal cases as it is a decisive factor in proving charges and ensuring conviction of perpetrators of the crime, said Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay, commissioner of police, on Wednesday. He was delivering a lecture on ‘Challenges in investigation’, organized by Study Circle of High Court Bar Association (HCBA). Vice-president of HCBA PB Patil, secretary PS Khubalkar and RD Bhuibhor were present. Sharing his experience as an investigating officer, Upadhyay said the police personnel should be prompt in action once a complaint is lodged so that possible loopholes could be plugged and the case is taken to its logical conclusion. He suggested that the system of doing panchnama should be upgraded and the procedure video-recorded by the investigating officer so that those involved in and witness to the crime would be exposed if they change their statements so vital in proving the charge. This, in turn, will increase the rate of conviction, he added. Sharing an example, Upadhyay said discrepancies in investigation crop up if the police seize a sword from the spot used in the crime but the complainant says a hammer was used to attack. There are many such cases when what the complainants say differs from the circumstantial evidence which makes it difficult to prove charges, he said. Investigating cyber crimes is a challenge. ATM-related cases can be tracked quickly, but those involving social media posts are difficult to prove as their offices are based out of the country, he said. Despite facing many challenges, the police force is doing a good job. The judicial system of the country is held in high esteem which is a matter of pride, Upadhyay said. DA Sonwane proposed a vote of thanks. (Reporting by Rushabh Rathod)

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