Diycam wants to make AI possible, affordable, and part of common man’s life

ET Bureau|Last Updated: Jan 30, 2020, 09.36 AM IST|Original: Jan 30, 2020, 09.36 AM ISTWhen Gagan Deep Randhawa and Deepak Dilip Singh Rahangdale started Diycam in late 2015 as a core IOT based-company, the aim was to provide smart and affordable WiFi cameras. However, it was a project with a government-owned hospitality and catering company in 2017 that gave them an opportunity in the field of AI.

At the time, based on the market trend and scenario, they felt AI and computer vision would be a gamechanger for the company.
But to bring AI to India, three things were needed:
1) To make it affordable,
2) Should be easy to deploy, and
3) Must be customisable.
BCCLDiycam mostly works with banks and manufacturing companies.
With its focus solely on these three things from the start, Diycam has gone on to get some of the biggest names as on its customer list, including a few from Japan.

Today, Diycam has two patents and is known as a deep tech startup, which is helping businesses in monitoring their operations and compliance by making solutions based on computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Diycam mostly works with banks and manufacturing companies, with a mission to make AI possible, affordable and make it part of the common man’s life. It wants to provide back-end AI technologies to companies who want to use AI to automate processes.
BCCLGagan Deep Randhawa (L) and Deepak Dilip Singh Rahangdale started Diycam in late 2015 as a core IOT based-company.
The company believes that the use of AI and computer vision in the BFSI sector can reduce risks, threats and frauds. That’s why it is jointly developing products with leading security companies and ATM and bank management companies.

Even today, in India, the mention of AI conjures up the image of ‘chat bots’. But the scope of AI is not just limited to this. AI, along with computer vision, can take things to the next level and make the world a more secure place.

That’s what Diycam aims to do. With a mission statement that says: ‘Making AI possible’, the company has committed itself to developing solutions based on AI that bring positive changes in society.
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