Air quality inside IIM Indore campus twice cleaner than outside

The inaugural function was attended by IIM Indore director Prof Himanshu Rai, Roots & Shoots India country coordinator Shweta Khare and urban water management expert Dr Rahul Banerjee,In his inaugural address, Rai expressed concern about carbon emission and its impact on climate change. He said the solutions to all environmental issues must be found together.”In her address, Khare said people are facing water problems even though the country is making progress and the cities are becoming cleaner. “The climate change has affected the weather too. The places with heavy rains are getting more rains and the dry lands becoming more dry,” she said.Banerjee said waste water disposal is a challenge. “People aren’t aware of what to do with it. Untreated sewage water leads to serious consequences and loss of 5.2% of GDP,” he said.Faucet aerators halve water use at IIM mess: Students made a presentation about measuring the water consumption in the hostel mess. The aim was to check the change in water consumption by using high faucet aerators. Students said water consumption dropped to half within a week of installing these faucets. This project is part of state government’s Jal Shakti campaign. Roots and Shoots IIM Indore Chapter will launch Water Matters campaign beyond the campus boundaries.

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