[VIDEO] Father waits outside store all night to buy wedding dress for daughter

The father reached the store before 3 am.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

Fathers do their best to make all the wishes of their daughters come true. They are always willing to get out of their comfort zone to bring that million-dollar smile on the faces of their daughters.

This is exactly what happened when a woman invited her father to a wedding dress event where she could buy one for herself at a good discount. Elisa Ray was surprised when she got to know that her father was among the first few waiting outside the store even before it opened.

“So I invited my dad to a wedding dress event where all dresses are $150. The event starts at 7am but lines can form at 4am. My Dad just called me and said he brought a chair and is the first person outside the building already waiting….. ITS 2:55AM,” Elisa wrote on Twitter.

Elisa also shared a video of her father sitting on a chair outside the store.

Elisa said that she had never expected this gesture from her father as he hates crowds and getting up early. She mentioned that since her father discovered that he has cancerous tumours around the lining of his lungs, he doesn’t want to miss anything anymore.

She added, “He wants to help any way he can with the wedding details. He can’t wait to walk me down the aisle in a beautiful dress, and if that means standing in line in the hope to get me a good deal he was down for it.”

The tweet has garnered over 5.6 lakh likes and more than 36,000 retweets. Even though Elisa did not find her dream wedding dress at the event, netizens appreciated how her father was involving in her life.

One user said, “Your father is an absolute gem.”

Another wrote, “That is so precious.”

There were some who recalled similar incidents in their lives. “A few years ago my dad surprised me by standing in line for 8 hours to get tickets to a benefit concert for me & my husband because I casually expressed that it would’ve been nice to go (but I couldn’t miss work). He didn’t need to take time out of his day but did anyway.”

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