‘Revamp SEZ policy to boost food exports’

SME Times News Bureau | 28 Jan, 2020

The Trade Promotion Council of India has recommended to the government
to revamp SEZ (special economic zone) policy for food exports.
Accordingly, the Trade Promotion Council of India recommended this step to the
government for the upcoming Budget 2020-21.
TPCI Chairman Mohit Singla said: “India has huge potential in the food
exports and global investors are looking at SEZ as one destination for
“Due to lack of incentives for value added F&B manufacturing and
exports is inhibiting them to come to India,” he added.
According to TPCI, foreign investors should be allowed to import raw materials
at zero duty and avail duty rebate proportionate to value addition.
Besides, the council recommended that foreign investors should be incentivised
by lower duty on value addition “they achieve, especially for the food
sector where duty is already high”.
“It will lead to automatic clusterisation as the incentive will act as a
pull factor. This is one incentives which, if announced, will also be WTO
compliant. It is to be noted that, exports from SEZs are growing at a faster
rate than overall exports from the country,” the TPCI recommendations
In April-June 2019, even as overall export growth from India slowed down to 2
per cent valued at Rs 562,000 crore, exports from SEZs posted a robust 15 per
cent growth at Rs 185,763 core.

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