Every effort on climate change counts

Climate emergency was one of the inaugural sessions of the last day of the Jaipur Literature Festival which touched upon some important issues, including that climate change is a reality and human induced environmental change. The session had a panelists comprising of author Shubhangi Swarup, United Nations representative Renata Dessallien, reformist Sonam Wangchuk , Chief Executive at Aga Khan Rural Support Programme Apoorva Oza, novelist Namita Waikar and UN Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza in conversation with moderator Samir Saran. While Mirza was visibly emotional on the dias and could not hold back her tears over a personal grief, the other panelist spoke at length about the reality of climate change. “The seriousness of climate change is too important for it to be not believed and though UN is not a global police, we try to bring the nations together to address this issue but it appears that we are failing miserably. We are getting to the point that the scientists are telling us that it might actually be too late. We are also a long way away from reducing human induced climate change”, said Dessallien. The panelist also lamented that political borders are ‘ridiculous’ and there is ‘unbearable inequality’ in this world today which also lends to climate change. Environmental representation was also a topic which was talked about during the session. “We should have seats reserved for ‘nature representatives’ in the parliament and a look at our education system also needs to be taken as at present, though the system teaches about the deforestation, it does not teach the other way around,” added Wangchuk. The panelists also emphasised on the fact that every small effort to curb climate change counts which has to be done continuously along with the fact that ancient wisdom and practices go a long way in teaching and helping to prevent climate change.

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